We are a small apartment complex with a limited number of units. These few simple rules make it easier for our guests to enjoy their stay.

The rent includes all running charges such as cleaning, electricity, aircondition and taxes.
In case of long term rent extra fee will be charged for Gas.
The apartment is let completely furnished and is to be occupied only by the mentioned guests and # of guests mentioned
in the rental agreement. The rent refers to the number of persons on the booking form.

If any repairs are needed to your unit, please contact us as soon as possible. We live on site and can usually make any repairs without a disruption to your vacation. We reserve the right to move you to another apartment in the event repairs cannot be made in a timely manner. There is no refund for circumstances beyond our control, including appliance failure or bad weather.

The tenant agrees to keep the premises reasonably clean and to be liable for all damage caused to the premises beyond normal wear and tear including loss of furnishings including keys or access devices. Such damage or loss will be charged to the guests.

We provide bed linens and towels in all apartments. However, we ask that you do not take our linens or towels to the beach. Please bring your own beach towels.

We have locking gates to the courtyard and require that the gates be locked at all times. This is for the security of the property and all guests.
Pets are not allowed.

Send your inquiry to: nssilva19@hotmail.com

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